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Book: Imam Khomeini and the Personality of Woman

In this short essay, attempt is made to depict the Islamic point o f view about the personality of woman and is derived from basis of philosophy of Imam Khomeini (r) in the mold of pure Islam.

The question related to the subject of women can be divided into two categories. The first category concerns “extra-religious issues” and includes explaining ambiguities such as lower nature of women in view of differences of rights between women and men; necessity for alteration of social laws of Islam in the modern era; putative (conventional-unwritten) and rational nature of social laws and regulations and finally the need for legal equality of women and men all belong to this category, because this issue is occasionally based on extra-religious assumptions by those raising them.

The second category is concerned with intra-religious issues meaning issues that can yet be realized by accepting religious hypothesis and canons. They include cases such as laws of Diyeh and retribution, judgment and macro social management of women, reaching puberty, right of surrogating (Guardianship). Amount of mandatory alimony (nafaqah) and scope of responsibility (Usr wa Haraj) in family life. We divided these two groups in order to specify the method of investigation of each of them clearly. In the primary issues, initially we must describe the fundamental stances of Islam in comparison with human doctrines and thereafter mention the precise relationship of the canons. However, differences in the second category of issues can only be settled in the light of the approach of Ijtihad (religious decrees) and deduction.

Here, with slight difference, the first approach is the object under consideration.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Imam Khomeini and the Personality of Woman

Author: Sayyed Mohsin Dehqani

Publisher: The institute of Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works

Language: English

Length: 164 pages


Pub.Date: 2008

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