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Book: Encyclopedia of Islamic Herbal Medicine

An authoritative reference work for anyone interested in herbal medicine, this book provides unprecedented insight into Prophetic phytotherapy, a branch of herbal medicine which relies exclusively on the herbal prescriptions of the prophet Muhammad and is little known outside of the Muslim world.

Combining classical Arabic primary sources with an exhaustive survey of modern scientific studies, this encyclopedia features a multidisciplinary approach which should prove useful for both practitioners and followers of herbal medicine. Entries include each herb’s botanical and alternate names, a summary of its “prophetic prescription,” its properties and uses, and a guide to related contemporary scientific studies.

The Encyclopedia of Islamic Herbal Medicine (McFarland, 2011) by Dr. John Andrew Morrow focuses on the foundational phytotherapy of the Prophet Muhammad and the Twelve Imams. Although the terms “Islamic medicine,” “Muslim medicine,” and “Arabic medicine” are rather broad, and embrace both prophetic medicine (tibb nabawi or tibb al-nabi) and Unani medicine, which is Islamized Greek medicine, the current work focuses exclusively on the herbal prescriptions taught by the Prophet Muhammad and the Twelve Shiite Imams. To be precise, Dr. Morrow’s work is a presentation of the medicine of Muhammad.

About the Author

John Andrew Morrow received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. He has worked at numerous colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. He has authored a large number of works, primarily in Hispanic, Native, and Islamic Studies.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Note on Arabic Transliteration 1

Introduction 3

The Encyclopedia

Glossary of Technical Terms 201

Bibliography 208

Index 213

Bibliographic Information

Title: Encyclopedia of Islamic Herbal Medicine

Author: John Andrew Morrow

Publisher: McFarland & Company

 Language: English

Length: 235

ISBN: 978-0786447077

Pub. Date: October 4, 2011

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