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Book: Contracts and Deals in Islamic Finance

The book “Contracts and Deals in Islamic Finance” by Hussain Kureshi and Muhsin Hayat provides a clear breakdown of Islamic financial contracts and deal structures for beginners.

The book “Contracts and Deals in Islamic Finance” by Hussain Kureshi and Muhsin Hayat provides a clear breakdown of Islamic financial contracts and deal structures for beginners. The embedded requirements within selected Islamic financial contracts, such as risk weight age, capital structures, creations of cash flows, and balance sheets, are explained fully to provide a solid understanding of the backbone of the industry. Aimed primarily at beginners and those with a background in conventional banking, this book guides readers through the major contracts, how they’re applied, and how to discern a contract’s legitimacy. Case studies and interviews with bankers and global regulators provide real-life examples of contract application, and the author’s own experiences provide deep insight into the everyday issues that arise. Ancillary instructor’s materials include PowerPoint slides and lecture notes that facilitate use in the classroom.

Literature describing the application of Islamic financial contracts is few and far between, and those providing a basic breakdown of these contracts and questioning their validity are rarer still. This book is the first of its kind, offering a basic approach to understanding Islamic contracts, designed for the true beginner.

  • Understand the current contracts applied in Islamic banking
  • Learn how contracts are applied across different jurisdictions
  • Identify illegitimate contracts and those not in the spirit of Shariah law
  • Examine the current economic realities surrounding Islamic finance

By highlighting the underlying themes in Islamic finance and assessing the current practices, this book gives readers the solid understanding and up-to-date perspective that form a solid foundation upon which successful Islamic finance is practiced. For a solid introduction to the Islamic finance industry, Contracts and Deals in Islamic Finance is an accessible, practical guide.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: The Islamic Finance Space

CHAPTER 2: Bai al aynah

CHAPTER 3: Murabahah, Bai Mu’ajjal, and Bai Bithman Ajil

CHAPTER 4: Tawarruq

CHAPTER 5: Deferred Payment Sale or Credit Sale

CHAPTER 6: Bai Al Wafa

CHAPTER 7: Salaam and Istisna: Deferred Delivery Sale

CHAPTER 8: Bai al Sarf

CHAPTER 9: Bai al Dayn

CHAPTER 10: Bai al Urbun

CHAPTER 11: Ijarah and Its Variants

CHAPTER 12: Wadiah

CHAPTER 13: Qard

CHAPTER 14: Mudharabah

CHAPTER 15: Musharakah

CHAPTER 16: Hibah

CHAPTER 17: Kafalah

CHAPTER 18: Wakalah, Hawalah, Ibra, and Rahn

CHAPTER 19: Shariah: Sources, Interpretation, and Implementation

CHAPTER 20: Islamic Asset Management and Shariah Screening

CHAPTER 21: Pricing, Income Distribution, and Risk Sharing in Islamic Banks

CHAPTER 22: Sukuk and Rights of Sukuk Holders

CHAPTER 23: Risk Management for Islamic Banks

CHAPTER 24: Asset/Liability Management for Islamic Banks

CHAPTER 25: Takaful

CHAPTER 26: Pricing of Takaful Policies and Retakaful

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