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Book: A Code of Ethics for Muslim Men and Women

The book “A Code of Ethics for Muslim Men and Women According to the Fatawa (Verdicts) of Eight Marja’ Taqlid of the Shi’a World” was written by Sayyed Masoud Masoumi.

The Laws and Regulations of Islam are divided into two major and distinct categories – the first being those laws that deal with a human being’s relationship to his Creator and Master. The second category is those laws that regulate and govern our relationship with each other. Seeing as how in the branch of Islamic Law, known is Fiqh, 90% of the rules govern our interaction with each other, it is a requirement that we become familiar with how we should carry ourselves when around members of the same sex and more importantly, those of the opposite sex.


Bibliographic Information

Title: A Code of Ethics for Muslim Men and Women

Author: Sayyed Masoud Masoumi

Translator: Arifa Hudda, Sheikh Saleem Bhimji

Publisher: Islamic Humanitarian Service (Canada)

Language: English

Length: 188

ISBN: 978-1894701051

Pub. Date: 2000

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