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  • 17 April

    The prohibition of domestic violence in Islam +PDF

    This book presents shining social examples set forth by the revered prophet of Islam, Muhammad, and examines crucial Arabic terminology relative to domestic violence...

  • 2 April

    Article: The Legal Status of Science in the Muslim World in the Early Modern Period

    The following discussion titled “The Legal Status of Science in the Muslim World in the Early Modern Period: An Initial Consideration of Fatwās From Three Maghribī Sources” examines the place that natural science (chiefly astronomy and medicine) occupied in three of the most important collections of legal opinions ( fatwa pl. fatawa) in the Muslim West during the late medieval and...

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April, 2019

  • 2 April

    Book Fatwa in Indonesia by Pradana Boy

    This book takes a close look at three Fatwaa-making agencies—Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Lajnah Bahth al-Masail Nahdlatul Ulama, and Majelis Tarjih Muhammadiyah—all of which are highly influential in shaping religious thought and the lives of Muslims in Indonesia...

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January, 2018

  • 27 January

    Sharia Dynamics: Islamic Law and Sociopolitical Processes

    By exploring the ways in which Muslims in diverse cultural contexts apply Shariah, this book offers a new and promising path for anthropologists and scholars in all fields who are interested in understanding Islam as a lived tradition beyond but...