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Book: Annotated Legal Documents on Islam in Europe: Greece

This volume of Annotated Legal Documents on Islam in Europe covers Greece and consists of an annotated collection of legal documents affecting the status of Islam and Muslims.

The book compiled and Annotated by Konstantinos Tsitselikis, University of Macedonia.

The legal texts are published in the original Greek language while the annotations and supporting material are in English. By legal documents are meant the texts of legislation, including relevant secondary legislation, as well as significant court decisions. Each legal text is preceded by an introduction describing the historical, political and legal circumstances of its adoption, plus a short paragraph summarising its content. The focus of the collection is on the religious dimensions of being Muslim in Europe, i.e. on individuals’ access to practise their religious obligations and on the ability to organise and manifest their religious life.

Konstantinos Tsitselikis, Ph.D. (1995), Democritus University of Thrace, is professor in human rights at the University of Macedonia. He has published monographs and articles on human rights, minorities and migrants including Old and New Islam in Greece. From Historical Minorities to Immigrant Newcomers (Brill | Nijhoff, 2012)

Table of contents

Foreword by the Editors
General Introduction
1. Status of Religious Communities
2. Relations Between the State and Islam
3. The Muslim Minority of Thrace
4. Muslims in Integration Law
5. Mosques and Prayer Houses
6. Burial and Cemeteries
7. Employment and Social Law
8. Criminal Law
9. Personal status

Bibliographic Information

Title: Annotated Legal Documents on Islam in Europe: Greece

Author: Konstantinos Tsitselikis

Publisher: BRILL; Ant Mul edition

 Language: English

Length: 167 pages


Pub. Dat: June  2016

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