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Ali Teymoori

May, 2019

  • 11 May

    Video: Why Allama Amini Kissed His Wife’s Hand?

    “It has been said famously that on my parents’ wedding night when my mother’s uncle encouraged the bride and the groom to hold each other’s hands together, my father – now although he was an Allameh – bent down and kissed my mother’s hand in...

  • 10 May

    Sunni Muslims Are Fasting Ramadan ‘Wrong’: Popular American Scientist

    Popular American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson stirred up a controversial debate on Twitter when he told Sunni Muslims they were breaking their Ramadan fasts too early. Popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is in hot water with Sunni Muslims on social media after telling them they are breaking their Ramadan fasts ...

  • 9 May

    Eighteen Reasons Why a Muslim Fasts

    There is a greater significance to fasts than mere abstinence from eating and drinking. The real objective of fasts is to inculcate in man the spirit of abstinence from sins, and cultivation of...

  • 8 May

    Book: The Shia: Identity, Persecution, Horizons

    The Shia: Identity. Persecution. Horizons is a penetrating historical account about Shia Muslims, enlightening us about their genesis, their struggles and most importantly their contribution to the...

  • 8 May

    Call for Papers: 5th Int’l Symposium on Politics and Society in the Islamic world

    Continuing the academic cooperation from previous years, The Institute of the Middle and Far East of the Jagiellonian University, The Department of Middle East and North Africa of the University of Lodz and The Department for European Islam Studies of the University of Warsaw organise the fifth international symposium that will be devoted to the social and political transformation in the...

  • 8 May

    Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill University

    In its academic programmes, the Institute of Islamic Studies focuses on the religion of Islam, on the history and civilization of the Islamic world, and on the dynamics of contemporary Muslim societies...

  • 8 May

    Middle East and Islamic Studies at San Francisco State University

    Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS) is a multidisciplinary minor designed to provide a broad understanding of the cultures, history, politics, and economies of the Middle East and Islamic societies, very broadly defined...

  • 7 May

    ‘iSistani App’ Launch for Android and iOS

    The World Federation launched the updated and improved iSistani app, which is available immediately to download from the iTunes Store or through Google Play now...

  • 7 May

    3rd International Islamic Heritage Conference to Be Held in Malaysia

    Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies ACIS, University Teknologi MARA, Melaka, Malaysia in collaboration with Research, Industry, Community & Alumni Networking Division, University Teknologi MARA Melaka will hold an...

  • 6 May

    The 9th Int’l Course on Shiʻa Studies: the Status of the Seminary & Clergymen in Shiite Thought

    Organized by the University of Religions and Denominations, the 9th International Intensive Course on Shiʻa Studies: the Status of the Seminary and Clergymen in Shiite Thought, endeavors to enhance scholarly attention to Shiʻa Islam and...

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