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Ali Teymoori

July, 2018

  • 20 July

    Contemporary Challenges of Getting Married

    There are many contemporary challenges that young Muslims face when it comes to the issue of marriage. Today, we find many youth having difficulty getting married for a variety of...

  • 20 July

    Visiting the Graves and Laying Flowers on them Prophet’s Sunna: Al-Azhar

    As one of the rituals for visiting the dead, the visitor is recommended to address the dead by saying this statement: “Peace be upon you all which are lying in the Believers’ resting place; we shall, Allah willing, join you...

  • 19 July

    “Takfiri Extremists & Creating Divisions in the Muslim World” Seminar to Be Held in Malaysia

    Continuing its research and scholarly activities along with scientific enlightenment, the Asia West East Center (Asia We) & Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization (MAPIM) are going to hold a one-day seminar on ‘the role of the extremist and Takfiri groups in creating divisions in...

  • 19 July

    Barca Forward to Build a Mosque in Mauritania

    After enjoying the vibes of success by winning the World Cup in Russia with the French national team, Barca forward Ousmane Dembélé wishes to perform a gesture of generosity and finance the construction of a mosque in...

  • 17 July

    Why Polygamy is Allowed in Islam?

    Islam has allowed a man to marry more than one wife. This has been done for the purpose of solving many social and domestic problems which a family is confronted with from...

  • 17 July

    The US ‘Deal of the Century’ on Palestine Will Never Materialize

    Referring to the efforts of the U.S. with regard to the matter of Palestine, the Leader Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei stressed: “Pressure on Yemen on the one hand, the issue of Palestine and that Satanic and vicious policy, they name it...

  • 17 July

    Human Duties in Utilizing Animals from the Viewpoint of Islam

    The relation between man and animal is a bilateral one; i.e. if man is granted the right – albeit limited – to utilize animals, the animal – in turn – has rights that man is obliged to observe (as his responsibility) that in case he does not...

  • 16 July

    Draft Teaching Manual: Islamic Law and Human Rights +PDF

    The main aim of this module is to introduce student s to comparative perspectives on Islamic law and Human Rights drawing upon English language scholarship in the field. It is intended to provide an understanding of sources of the Islamic...

  • 15 July

    Dose Shiite Jurisprudence and Marjaiyya Started in the Safavid Era?

    According to Islamic doctrines, acquiring religious knowledge and becoming familiar with the fundamentals of faith is everyone's obligatory duty. The Quran being the most important source of legislation calls on every individual to acquire knowledge as...

  • 15 July

    Ayatollah Isa Qassim Treated in London

    Ayatollah Isa Qassim's medical team have confirmed his need to undergo surgery, after performing medical tests. In a statement, they said, "Today, Tuesday, 10 July 2018, a specialised examination was performed for...

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