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Article: Mapping Shia Muslim Communities in Europe+PDF

This article provides an introduction to the special issue on Mapping Shia Muslim Communities in Europe.

With six empirically rich case studies on Shia Muslim communities in various European countries, this issue intends: first, to illustrate the historical developments and emergence of the Shia presence in Europe; second, to highlight the local particularities of the various Shia communities within each nation state and demonstrate their transnational links; and third, to provide for the first time an empirical comparative study on the increasingly visible presence of Shia communities in Europe that fills an important gap in research on Muslims in Europe.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Mapping Shia Muslim Communities in Europe: Local and Transnational Dimensions

Authors: Yafa Shanneik, Chris Heinhold and Zahra Ali

Published in: Journal of Muslims in Europe, Volume 6, Issue 2, pages 145 – 157

 Language: English

Length: 12 pages

Mapping Shia Muslim Communities in Europe

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