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A Sunni Who Doesn’t Cry for Imam al-Hussain Is Not a True Sunni: Sunni Cleric


I’ve heard that some people out of ignorance say, “where’s been written that one should cry for Hussain?” I’ve heard that they object, why does Tahir al-Qadiri cry for Hussain(a) and why does he make other people cry too? Where’s it been written?”Come, I want to answer you! Why do I cry?! Because, Mustafa (a) cries! God witnesses that if Mustafa (a) did not cry, I would never cry. Ask Umm al-Banin, Umm al-Salama! She says, “one day, I entered the house and I saw Hussain(a) was sitting in the lap of the Prophet (a),(in Sihah al-Sitta, it is mentioned; Tabari has transmitted that;Beyhaqi has transmitted it. See TabaqatIbnSa’d! Ahmad b. Hanbal has transmitted it, etc.) These are our books. Umm Salama says that, “I entered the house and I saw Hussain(a) was sitting in the lap of the honorable Prophet (a) and the Prophet (a) was crying.” (I am telling why Tahir al-Qadiri cries for Hussain (a)) and why he recited elegies for Hussain (a) and makes people of Pakistan cry for Hussain (a); because, Mustafa (a) cried for Hussain (a) and anyone, who has faith in his heart, would cry for Hussain (a). Such a tear is not against patience. If you consider this tear against patience, you’ll go astray. The Prophet (a) of God cried! Umm Salama says, “I asked the honorable Prophet (a), ‘O Messenger (a) of God, what has made you cry? (The Prophet (a) is the mountain of patience) Why are you crying?” The Prophet (a) said, “[Angel] Gabriel came to me and informed me that my son, Hussain (a) will be killed after me in a land called Karbala and brought me a red soil. Gabriel came to me just now and asked me, ‘O Messenger (a) of God, do you love Hussain (a) very much?’ I answered, ‘yes, I do love him very much.’ Then, Gabriel said, ‘O Messenger (a) of God, your people will become so degenerated and wickedthat they will kill your son, Hussain (a), in a land called Karbala’, and this is the soil Gabriel brought to me from the place of killing Hussain (a).’ Umm Salama says, ‘the Messenger (a) of God put the soil in a sealed glass and gave it to me and said, ‘O Umm Salama, this is the soil of Karbala, keep it safe!’ When the color of this soil turns to blood, you know they would have killed Hussain (a).’ The Prophet (a) said these words and cried! why don’t I cry in the loss of Hussain? Imam Khatib Baghdadi narrated this hadith. “Why don’t I cry in the loss of Hussain? And O Sunni people! If you do not cry for Hussain (a), I swear to God that I’d doubt that you follow the Prophet’s (a) tradition. You are not Sunni and I will be surprised what is the matter with you? Why don’t you cry for Hussain (a)? Have you been affected by an evil eye? Being Sunni is together with the grief for Hussain (a).”

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