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A Research on Khums and Objections Raised to It+PDF

In this book, the author has tried to answer to the questions regarding Khums which Wahhabis have raised and the objections they have raised.

It is quite evident that the Shiite pilgrims, especially the youth, who have always adhered to their religions leaders’ teachings, will also welcome any questions raised and try to answer them after they have deliberated over them. If they cannot cope with the problems, they won’t immediately submit to the criticizers but seek to find a solution or go to their religious authorizes to help them. But sometimes the opponents, instead of asking scientific matters turn to fallacious their listeners of readers. So the pilgrims must be conscious enough not to be deceived and show such writings to the leaders. One of the writings that the Wahhabis hare published is about Khums (one fifth) of one’s income, which they try to repute by mixing it with fallacy or putting it in same deviational arguments. They claim that Khums is something meaningless among Shiites and it must be left out. But this is because the Wahhabis have found out that the growth and development of Shiism throughout history has been the result of its hard- working jurists and ulama who have lived a simple life of abstinence and virtuousness relying belief that has attracted the attention of people all over the world.
In the following writing, we have tried to answer the questions the Wahhabis have raised the objections they have raised. We hope that God will help all Muslims to attain truth.

Bibliographic Information

Title: A Research on Khums and Objections Raised to It

Author:   Hussain Rajabi

Translator: Muhammad Reza Rakhshanfar

Publisher: Islamic Studies

 Language: English


Pub. Date: 2014/04/22

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