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Why Ayatollah Bahjat’s Father Banned Him Attending Ayatollah Qazi’s Classes

May Allah Bless Ayatollah Bahjat

He was together with Ayatollah Qazi for two years. He was the disciple of Ayatollah Qazi. In his realy teens and in the prime of his youth. In Rasht, Fouman, his father heard that he has fallen in the way of mysticism and attends the Classes of Ayatollah Qazi in Najaf. At that time, people disliked mysticism, or at least most of them opposed it. When his father was told about the situation, he wrote a letter (toward his son) that I am not content to see you attend anyone’s class but Ayatollah Sayyid Abul Hassan Isfahani’s. I’m not content. When this letter reached his hands, Ayatollah Bahjat said that, I went to Ayatollah Qazi and told him that my father has prohibited me from attending your classes. What should I do? Ayatollah Qazi asked me, who is your Marja al-Taqlid? I said, Sayyid Abul Hassan Isfahani is my Marja al-Taqlid. He told me to go and ask him about this issue and carry out whatever he said. Ayatollah Bahjat says that I went toward Sayyid Abul Hassan Isfahani and told him that my father had prohibited me from attending Ayatollah Qazi’s classes. He said that this is your father’s command. In this case, it is obligatory for you to obey it. Do not attend his classes anymore. He said that although I was eager to attend Ayatollah Qazi’s Classes, because of this fact, I didn’t. He has been Ayatollah Qazi’s disciple for two years. But he himself said that from that time onward I left strange radiance in my heart. I was heedless of my self-will for I really wanted to attend Ayatollah Qazi’s classes. I felt strange radiance in my heart just as soon as I did my duty toward my father. According to Ayatollah Mawlawi, for this sake only, Ayatollah Bahjat become who he was. One of those great scholars, who is now in Tehran told me once, “I want toward Ayatollah Bahjat and told him what Ayatollah Mawlavi has told me about him, ‘he said that whatever you’ve accomplished has been for the sake of your obedience to your father’? Ayatollah Bahjat said in replay, “I have not attained any spiritual status and I am nothing, but whoever obeys their parents, they would most certainly attain everything.’

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