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Why Allama Tabatabaei Did not Invite Guests?

Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani, one of the students of ‘Allama said, “When he came to Qom, although he was a famous philosopher in the Islamic world, a famous researcher at that time and a professional teacher in exegesis, theology and theosophy, he walked in the alleys of Qom wearing a very small turban made of blue toile, plain cassock, no socks and clothes cheaper than normal and if someone did not know him, they would consider him an ordinary religious student.

He lived in a rented house and I remember that he moved from one house to another several times. His house was very small and humble that he could not even receive his friends there, because its facilities were limited.

Sometimes, I had to visit him in his house for asking some scholarly questions. He came in front of the door, put his two hands at the door frame, poked his head out, listened to my question and answered to them. Then, I would have the question in the mind, why does not he offer me to go inside his house? Later, when I became more acquainted with him, I realized that his house was so small that he could not receive guests.

For many years, he made his living out of the copyrights of his books. He had massive debts and even his son-in-law, Mr. Qoddousi was not aware of that.

Regardless of his heart and nerves diseases and old age, ‘Allama went to Tehran with great difficulty, every two weeks, to meet and talk to the French orientalist (Dr. Corbin) just and only for defending the religion and spreading the Islamic culture and this going and coming with public transport had great pains for him.

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