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What Is Salat (Prayer) +PDF

Salat (Prayer), this standing and bending down; This way of sitting and laying the forehead on the ground; Uttering words in each position; what does it all mean!?

The present book is a translation of one of the valuable religious books, on the salat (prayer), its importance, performance and objectives written by martyr Dr. Muhanunad Husayn Beheshti – may the Almighty Allah sanctify his soul. He wrote it in Persian, using a concise simple style with expressive phrases and impressive idioms; meanwhile, it is covering all the subject effectively, and in a lively practicable method. Moreover, the original Persian style is unmatched and trustworthy. In filet, it is written by him in 1347 (H-Sh) and has been reprinted several times in Persian. This English translation of the book is the third edition. Being checked thoroughly with the original revised Persian book, it is fully reviewed, re-edited, and many necessary changes and alterations have been made. Furthermore a chart for the transliteration symbols with the Arabic-Persian letters (and examples) has been given at the beginning of the book so as to help the dear readers to thoroughly read the Arabic Islamic words and phrases. At the end of the book a glossary of non-English terms has been given. It is hoped that this valuable book will help the committed Muslim reader to deepen practicably his faith and practice in the Islamic precepts and teachings.

About the Author

Martyr Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Hussain Beheshti was an Iranian jurist, philosopher, cleric and politician. Ayatollah Beheshti was assassinated along with more than 70 members of the Islamic Republic Party on 28 June 1981.

Bibliographic Information

Title: What is Salat (Prayer)

Author: Martyr Muhammad Hussain  Beheshti

Publisher:  International Print and Publication Company, Iran

Language: English

Length: 62

ISBN: 978-964-304-027-7

Pub. Date: 2012/12/23

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