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Video: Nusrat Amin’s Treasury of Knowledge by Dr. Massi Dakake

The thing that makes this position that Banu Nosrat Amin attained extraordinary is that she did it out of any family connotation. Most of women who reached very high level in religious scholarship or religious establishment in Iran are the wives or the daughters of famous religious scholars; religious scholars who have a family legacy. But Nusrat Amin doesn’t. Neither her husband nor her father was a religious scholar.

Hartford Seminary welcomed Dr. Maria Massi Dakake of George Mason University on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018, for a lecture she called: “Nusrat Amin’s ‘Treasury of Knowledge’: Exploring the Shi’ite Qur’an Commentary of a 20th Century Female Scholar.”

Dr. Dakake said very little research had been done on Nusrat Amin, an Iranian scholar who lived from 1886-1983, possibly because she was a woman and a fairly conventional one religiously. But her 15-volume Qur’an commentary, which Dr. Dakake found in the library at Princeton University, is worth studying.

The entire lecture can be viewed below:

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