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US Sends ISIS to Afghanistan to Justify Its Presence: Ayatollah Khamenei

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, while voicing deep regret over the great loss of life in recent terror attacks in Afghanistan, said the US has sent ISIL terrorists there to justify its presence in the region and create security for the Israeli regime.

I would like to use this opportunity to express my deepest condolences and sorrow for the events that have been taking place in our neighboring country, Afghanistan, carried out by those who claim to be Muslims; but indeed, they are extremely far from the reality of Islam.

About a month ago, 7 to 8 massacres have been executed by terrorists. During one of them, about 60 people were martyred, in another massacre about 50 people were killed, and during a separate massacre about 20 people were lost: these were in Kabul, Kandahar, and other places. They’ve admitted and testified that they are responsible for these attacks. Who? DAESH.

Be aware, the hands that created DAESH, either in Iraq or in Syria, and committed all those crimes through DAESH, using DAESH as a means to carry out attacks against entire populations, are the same hands now transferring DAESH to Afghanistan.

They were defeated, previously, in Iraq and Syria. Now, they seek to ignite terror all over again in Afghanistan. It was only during the onset that they killed so many people, over the last month or approximately forty days. They kill both Shiites and Sunnis: their murdering sprees are not limited to the Shi’ite community. Well, during one tragic event, they killed about 50 Shi’ite seminary students. But they do not aim their attacks on only Shi’ite Muslims. They target ordinary civilians in Kabul or other places, non-militant people, Shiites and Sunnis alike, because for the US it doesn’t matter who they murder. What’s important, for the US, is to cause continuous unrest in our region.

The US seeks to inflict interior conflicts on countries of the region, to prevent them from opposing the impudent agent of arrogance: Zionism.

This represents one purpose for the US; its other purpose is to justify its presence.  When there is unrest in Afghanistan, the US justifies its presence by saying they want to establish “peace and security.” However, they themselves caused the unrest. The incidents in Afghanistan were all caused by the US, either by use of a mediator or directly, over 20 years ago. That is, the USA is the main cause for massacres and murders in the region, using the pretext of religion. Now, they carry on. They seek continuous unrest: in order to maintain their presence here and to achieve their political and economic goals. God’s curse be upon the arrogant powers, their agents, as well as the vicious Zionist regime and the U.S. for destroying Muslims in such a horrendous manner.


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