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The Ritual and Spiritual Purity +PDF

This book is an important guide for Muslims which is explaining the rules and spiritual significance of Najasat and Taharat, Wudu, Ghusl, and Tayammum.

In this book, I have extensively quoted the relevant Qur’anic verses and the ahadith. Moreover, I have added two new discussions: a section on “Our Outlook Towards the Najasat” which deals with an issue which is very important for the Muslims living in a non-Muslim society, and a chapter “From Ritual to Spiritual” which attempts to relate the ritual purification to the spiritual purification. This chapter is in response to a need which I observed in the Muslim communities of various places with whom I have been working during the last seven years. Fortunately, the rituals are practiced by many; but unfortunately, they are considered as just ritual and nothing more. I think it is very essential for the Muslims to know how to utilize the daily rituals of taharat, wudu, ghusl and salat for their spiritual upliftment.

Bibliographic Information

Title: The Ritual & spiritual purity

Author:  Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

Publisher: Vancouver Islamic Educational Foundation

 Language: English

Length: 95

ISBN: 978-1494872731

Pub. Date: 2012/12/23

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