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The Message of the Islamic Revolution – Forty Years and Going Strong

The message of the Islamic Revolution is thus respect for freedom, independence of nations, and improvement of intellectual capacities, in accordance with what the Almighty Creator has decreed.

We are in Bahman that marked the triumph of the Islamic Revolution by throwing into the dustbin of history the illegal Pahlavi regime, imposed on Iran by the British and supported by the US.

On Bahman 22nd, several million jubilant Iranians will take to the streets of Tehran, in unison with millions of others throughout the country to renew their allegiance to the Islamic Republic and its ideals as the Model of Resistance against Global Arrogance.

It is the 40th year of Islamic Iran, which from Day One had been written off by the West and its army of political experts and analysts. These propagandists of western imperialism and Zionism with the billions of dollars provided by the reactionary Arab regimes continue their feverish tirade, but to the no avail, because the system of government in Iran is divinely-blessed and cannot be overthrown by a handful of thugs, traitors, and terrorists.

It is the system of governance based on the dynamic principle of Wilayat-e Faqih, which explains for its popularity in Iran and its spreading influence in the region, much to the exasperation of the US, the Great Satan.

In verse 25 of Surah Ḥadīd, God Almighty says:

“Certainly We sent Our Prophets with clear arguments, and sent down with them the Book and the balance that people may conduct themselves with equity”

Today we renew our tributes to Imam Khomeini (RA). As a true follower of the Holy Qur’an, he pursued the path of the Prophets of God to guide the grassroots movement of the Iranian people to victory and establish the Islamic Republic.

The system of government which he founded continues to serve as a beacon of light for the oppressed throughout the world.

Today, the Late Imam’s faithful disciple, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, is the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and is ably guiding the ship of Iran towards the shores of salvation. He is also a true servant of Prophet Muhammad (Ṣ) and the Infallible Imams of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS).

As he remarked in one of his recent statements, the Islamic Revolution is indeed a manifestation of path of the Prophet, since it molded not just the government but all other aspects of social life, including science and technology, according to the tenets of Islam and in the service of humanity. It actually gave new and unique meaning to political thought and strove for social justice not just in Iran but also on the international scene.

The message of the Islamic Revolution is thus respect for freedom, independence of nations, and improvement of intellectual capacities, in accordance with what the Almighty Creator has decreed.

This is the reason Iran has rushed to the help of legal governments and popular mobilization forces, on request, in order to save them from cannibalistic terrorists created jointly by the enemies of humanity – the US, the Zionists, and the Wahhabis.

The Islamic Revolution restored to the women of Iran their lost dignity by granting them the freedom of the Hijab. The Shah had violated this freedom, but the Islamic Republic has practically demonstrated that the Hijab is not a hindrance. Actually with proper Islamic covering in keeping with feminine dignity, Iranian women today freely participate in all spheres of social, political and scientific life. As a result, the Muslim women of Iran have been a model for other honorable women throughout the world.

In the field of politics also, the Islamic Revolution demonstrated that politics is not lies and deceit, as the West believes, but politics based on morals, ethics, and human dignity, is part and parcel of Islam, as the Prophet had practically shown.

Thus the Islamic Revolution not only transformed Iranian society for good but also continues to act as the beacon of guidance for Muslims and the world’s oppressed people, who naturally prefer governments based on the laws of God, rather than following manmade secular laws which are against human nature and dignity.

The success is evident for all. Today Iran has taken big strides in all fields. Its literacy rate is almost 95 percent, while its roads and railways networks have increased by several folds over the past four decades. It has broken new ground in medicine, stem cell, aerospace, heavy industries, missile, and satellite technology, in addition to modernizing its air, ground, and naval forces in order to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity despite the US sanctions.

Moreover, Iranian-trained forces and Iranian-made arms have proved their superiority to not just the US-trained forces in the region, but have defeated the state army of the Zionist entity – the 33-day war in Lebanon in 2006.

In short, the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran are here to stay, while the US, Israel and their minions will vanish.

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