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The 10th International Conference on Economy & Society in Imam Ali’s Tradition

The 10th international conference of Sireh Alavi (behavioral style) with the approach of Imam Ali (PBUH), economy and society will be held at University of Lorestan, Iran on March 7th, 2019.

The indigenous knowledge which is the result of datum and experience collection of local folks and societies in successive generations is a valuable body that should be considered for getting to sustainable development.

Recently the perpetual cooperation of indigenous knowledge and modern academic knowledge has been considered by researchers, managers and plan makers of countries, for comprehensive advancement of human beings, as well as food supply, welfare and security.

Nowadays, ecosystem disruption and extinction of the important biological species is one of the main problems of the world. Unfortunately human being is the main agent of such destruction, whereas his life is completely dependent on this unique biosphere.

To save the earth from such a vast ruin which itself guarantees human’s survive, we’d better make use of academic modern sciences and indigenous knowledge.

The aims of convening international conference on the traditional knowledge for conservation of biodiversity are to attract worldwide attention to such a phenomenon, to collect indigenous data and sciences from different parts of the world, and to study its influence on conservation of biodiversity. These indigenous sciences in cases have protected the important and valuable species, and in some other cases have led to their extinction.

Hereby we request the pleasure of all researchers’ presence and those who are interested to participate in this conference.

We hope by your presence and by presenting the results of the related researches, regarding indigenous science we take a small step forward for protecting biodiversity.

Important Data

Conference Date: 26 February, 2019
Location: khorramabad.Kilometer 5 of Tehran High-Way, the Central Organization of Lorestan University, Third Floor, Publishing Office
Abstract submission deadline: 20 January, 2019
E-mail abstracts to: sirehalavi@lu.ac.ir

Conference Topics:

I: Economic

-Resistance and Self-reliance Economy in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Components of Economic System in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Economic and Social Justice from Imam Ali’s Perspective

-Consequences of Hypocrisy in the Economic System from Imam Ali’s Perspective

-Hoarding in Islamic Jurisprudence and the Alavi Tradition

-Methods of Creating Economic Security in Campaigning against Economic Corruption in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Ways of Improving Business Atmospheres in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Production Encouragement and Support of Producers in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Ethics of Trade, Market, and Business in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Campaigning against Economic Corruption in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Politics of Supervision and Inspection (Implicit and Explicit) in the Market for Prevention of Economic and Administrative Corruption in the Alavi Tradition

-Ways of Fighting Corruption in the Alavi Tradition

II: Social

-Moderation, Ethics, Faith, and Spirituality in the Alavi Tradition

-Safeguarding Beliefs and Morality of the Society from Imam Ali’s Perspective

-Observing Mutual Rights of the Nation and Government in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Political, Social, and Religious Liberties from Imam Ali’s Perspective

-Islamic State Relationships with other Governments in Imam Ali’s Viewpoint

-Social Vulnerabilities and Ways to Confront them in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Strategic Management (Confrontation Strategy And Jihad) from Imam Ali’s Perspective

-Work Culture and Jihadi Culture in the Alavi Tradition

– Quality of Social Crisis Management in the Alavi Tradition

-Capacity for Criticism among the Rulers and Necessity of Criticism in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Approaches to Settling Disputes between the State Forces and Managers and Dealing with Conflict-creating Factors in Imam Ali’s Tradition

-Reformation and Promotion of Public Culture from Imam Ali’s Perspective

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