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November, 2020

  • 20 November

    Status of Shia Muslims in Nigeria

    Nigerian Shia Muslims are a group based in Kaduna state, but with significant presence in some other northern states. No clear statistics of Shia population are...

December, 2017

  • 20 December

    Nigerian Muslim Body Slams Law School for Barring Hijab

    Nigeria's apex Muslim body on Tuesday threatened the country's law school with nationwide protests for barring a Muslim woman from a call to the bar ceremony because she wore a hijab...

  • 20 December

    Conferences on Islamic Unity Held in Nigeria +Pics

    Conferences on Muslim Unity organized by the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) continued in different cities in Nigeria were scholars from different Schools of Thought stressed the ideal and importance of the...

September, 2017

April, 2017

September, 2016

April, 2016

March, 2016

February, 2016

  • 21 February

    Sheikh Zakzaky a Strong Symbol of Resistance and Hope

    “Never again, shall the people tolerate oppression and oppressors; never again, shall things be the same” Stated by Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. Born Sheikh Ibrahim Yaghoub Zakzaky was born in a Maleki Family on May 5, 1953 (15 Sha’aban 1372 A.H) in Zaria, northeastern Nigeria. His Family The word Al-Zakzaky is ...

January, 2016