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June, 2017

  • 12 June

    Norway Proposes Ban on Full-Face Veils in Schools

    Norway aims to ban face-covering Muslim veils in kindergartens, schools and universities, the government said on Monday, the latest European nation to propose restrictions on wearing burqas and...

May, 2017

  • 22 May

    Article: Shīʿī Marriage Law in the Pre-Modern Period

    This article addresses the differences between jurists of the three Shīʿī sects – Zaydīs, Ismāʿīlīs, and Twelver Shīʿīs – concerning the...

  • 22 May

    The Psychological and Physical Dangers of Sexual Promiscuity

    In the bygone period under the influence of religious training, social system and etiquettes when youths were had sexual...

  • 15 May

    Contraceptives and Abortion from Islamic Viewpoint

    Allowing birth control would mean allowing sex for pleasure. On the other hand, if you consider sex to be a natural act whose purpose is two-fold: procreation and/or fulfillment of sexual desire, then you...

  • 13 May

    Some Common Mistakes Parents often Make

    Many parents have frustrated and angry relationships with their children. Even very young children sometimes become a source of annoyance with their constant demands, whining, and disobedience....

  • 12 May

    Temporary Marriage (mut’a) in Islamic Law +PDF

    Though there are important differences between Twelve-Imam Shi’aism and Sunnism on the level of the principles of the religion (usul al-din), on the level of the sharia and fiqh or jurisprudence there are surprisingly few places where...

  • 10 May

    Parents and Playing with Children in View of Islam

    Parents forget that play is an important part of growing up, and is vital for the physical and emotional development of the child...

  • 6 May

    FIBA Allows Hijab in Professional Basketball

    Headgear, including the hijab and yarmulkes, will be allowed in professional basketball following the approval of a proposal by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) that overturns a ban on...

  • 4 May

    Sexual Etiquette according to Islamic Sources

    As with every other aspect of our lives, Islam provides us with all the necessary information for the sexual lives of man and woman. The reason for this is simple; Islam recognizes the innate nature of man, and has ordained sexual relations for pleasure, and not just procreation. Sexual desires cannot, and should not be...

April, 2017