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  • 16 January

    Video: Imam Musa al-Sadr and Christian Ice Cream Seller

    Although he was a Christian, he was a fan and follower of Imam Musa Sadr; and the traditions form Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali were always hung on the walls of his house. Uncle Antiba was a Christian ice cream seller in the city of Sour in Lebanon who had ...

  • 1 January

    When the Shia Cleric Becomes a Shelter for the Jews

    I remember once a group of people attacked Jews' houses, plundered some of their goods, robbed women's bracelets and bothered them a lot. There were many people shouting and...

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  • 29 June

    Interfaith Unity in Palestine Is Not Rare, New

    Palestinian Christians, in particular, are quick to show their support to their Muslim friends and family, especially in the holy month of Ramadan, in which it becomes significantly more difficult to observe under the...

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