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Family Life in Islam

In so far as family-life goes, we see that Islam has unravelled every problem of the family system with such dexterity that one has to accept that it could not be solved in a better way....

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Book: Shia Islam and Politics: Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon

This book analyzes the history of modern Shia Muslim political mobilization in Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon. It describes Shia Islam and politics with respect to political protest, governments, and Shia interpretations of history. This book argues that ever since Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979, which established a Shia Islamic government …

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The Law of Retaliation in the View of Islam

Studying Islamic clemency and mercy in the Quranic verses and narrations by the Infallible Imams (as) and practice of religious leaders, we approve that the sacred religion of Islam which is concordant with human nature, is the religion of clemency and...

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Ramadan Prayer Timetable according to Shia Fiqh

Every year, many questions about numerous topics arise with the start of the blessed month of Ramadan. The most important of these questions are related to the crescent moon and the time of imsak (when believers must stop eating and drinking) versus the time of fajr (dawn) prayer.

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The Rights of Animals in Islam

Islam as a comprehensive religion, gives some rulings regarding our personal and social life and among other things, Islam speaks about the Rights of Animals and through different verses and traditions, tries to protect them. In this series, we will focus on Animal Rights in Islam which is one of the lesser discussed aspects of the religion of Islam.

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