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  • 16 January

    Video: Imam Musa al-Sadr and Christian Ice Cream Seller

    Although he was a Christian, he was a fan and follower of Imam Musa Sadr; and the traditions form Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali were always hung on the walls of his house. Uncle Antiba was a Christian ice cream seller in the city of Sour in Lebanon who had ...

  • 1 January

    When the Shia Cleric Becomes a Shelter for the Jews

    I remember once a group of people attacked Jews' houses, plundered some of their goods, robbed women's bracelets and bothered them a lot. There were many people shouting and...

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  • 26 May

    Imam Musa Sadr’s Solution for Shaking Hands with Women

    When I was roughly 19 years old, I was assigned with a duty to deliver a letter written by my father (Ayatollah Sadr, the then grand Ayatollah) to the incumbent Iranian Prime Minister. I, therefore, travelled from Qom to...

April, 2018

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