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Sheikh Isa Qāssim Meets Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in Qom +Photos

Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qāsim, the leader of the Shi‘as of Bahrain, paid a visit to Ayatollah  Makarem Shiraiz in his office and had a talk with this religious authority.

In his meeting with Sheikh Isa Qāsim, G. A. Makarem Shirazi was given the latest news regarding the course of treatment of Sheikh Isa Qāsim.

In their meeting, Sheikh Isa Qāsim and G. A. Makarem Shirazi discussed the latest developments in the Muslim world, particularly the recent issues of Bahrain.

During this meeting, G. A. Makarem Shirazi said to Sheikh Isa Qāsim: “Whatever keeps you happy makes us happy too and whatever bothers you will bother us too. You are, by the grace of Allah, at the service of Islam and the Ahl-al-Bayt (‘a) and you have worked hard to liberate the Bahraini people from tyranny. We pray for your well-being and that you may have a long life.”

G. A. Makarem Shirazi also praised Sheikh Isa Qāsim and the Shi‘as of Bahrain for their valiance in fighting injustice and tyranny in their country.

In the end, G. A. Makarem Shirazi prayed for Sheikh Isa Qāsim to regain good health, and also for all the Muslims of the world, particularly the oppressed Shi’as of Bahrain to be liberated from the grasp of dictators and despots.

During this meeting, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qāsim also gave G. A. Makarem Shirazi the latest news regarding the conditions of the Shi‘as of Bahrain. Stating that he intended to settle in Qom, Sheikh Isa Qāsim addressed G. A. Makarem Shirazi and continued: “You are the backbone of the Muslims and their protector; may Allah protect you and prolong your life.”   

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