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I will Not Leave You Alone at the Day of Judgment: Imam Reza

Ayatollah Sheikh Morteza Ha’eri [God’s mercy upon him] (the son of Ayatollah Abdul Karim Haeri) attained to visit Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (peace be upon him) more than sixty times. In each time he composed some poemsin this regard in which he has indicated the year of his visitation.

His heartfelt love towards Hisholiness Imam Reza (pbuh) was to such an extent that once I heard that on the way of Jamkaran mosque, in the car he had asked one of the passengers, “where are you from?”. The passenger had replied, “I am from Khorasan.”

By hearing this word, his eyes filled with sudden tears. After asking him about the reason, it was revealed that his true love towards His holiness Imam Reza (pbuh) was to an extent that when he heard the name of Khorasan which is related to His holiness Imam Reza (pbuh), it overwhelmed him.

Sheikh Amir Ansarian says, “Ayatollah Hàjj Sheikh Morteza Ha’eri went a lot to visit Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (pbuh). Most of the times when his Darse Kharij (Completed Advanced training) was over in Qom, he went to Mashhad by bus on Wednesdays, and he was almost twenty hours on the way. On Thursday, he paid a visit [to purified shrine] and in order to attend his lessons again, he returned immediately”.

Mr. Hojati Yazdi quoted from Mr. Tabataba’i that Shaykh Morteza Ha’eri (God’s mercy upon him)said, “in my last visitation to the Holy city of Mashhad, His holiness Imam Reza (pbuh) in my dream said to me, ” don’t come anymore, I’ll come to visit you.”

Ayatollah Sayyid Abbas Kashani (God’s mercy upon him) has narrated from Great Ayatollah Mar’ashi Najafi that he saw Ayatollah Sheikh Morteza Ha’eri (God’s mercy upon him) in dream in Barzakh (a place between hell and heaven, where the soul resides after death, and experiences its own heaven or hell, until the resurrection on Qiyamah (Judgment Day) that Sheikh Morteza said that His holiness Imam Reza (pbuh) had told him, ” Sheikh Morteza, you have come to visit me 69 times, so I will owe you 69 visitations and it is the first. I will visit you again. I got this paradise for you from God, so you are blessed in Barzakh world. I will not leave you alone on the Day of Resurrection”.

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