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Sheikh Zakzaky on the Edge of Martyrdom

According to the medical documents sent by the daughter of Sheikh Zakzaky, we are informed that he is in a dangerous situation caused by lead poisoning and also brain, neurological, eye and cardiac disorders.

It seems that the first priority is to cure his lead poisoning. The medical tests show that the lead rate has exceeded to 30 times over the average. With regard to his neurological symptoms, he is in urgent need of medical treatments. Apparently, the Nigerian doctors have refused to administer appropriate and effective medical treatments.

We do not know exactly about the medical conditions and equipment in Nigeria. It is likely that the required medicine (Ca Na2EDTA) is not available in Nigeria however; it is feasible to provide this medicine. A group of specialist medical physicians in the field of poisoning is ready to offer the treatment procedures and medicine to the Nigerian government. Medical counseling can be provided through the video conference, Skype communication or even a simple phone call and the Nigerian government is aware of this offer.

Accepting the offer of daily medical counseling, they can give Shaykh Zakzaky a treatment while he is in custody with a nurse taking care of him and in this way, the risk would be low. It takes about five days to cure his lead poisoning and handle the emergency situation. Afterward, they need to look after him urgently in order to cure other diseases he suffers from because Shaykh zakzaky is in danger of having a heart attack, becoming blind, paralyzed, etc.

This news was first published by  Dr. Hamed Pourrahim najafabadi on his Twitter page.

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