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Bollywood Star Quits Acting over Islamic Faith

A Bollywood actress who starred in India’s highest-grossing movie said she is quitting acting because it is incompatible with her Islamic faith.

In a lengthy social media post published Sunday, Zaira Wasim said she was leaving the profession because becoming a Bollywood star had “damaged” her relationship with God.

The 18-year-old won major awards for her two film roles to date and was considered a rising star of Indian cinema.

“This field indeed brought a lot of love… my way, but what it also did was to lead me to a path of ignorance, as I silently and unconsciously transitioned out of Imaan (faith),” she wrote on Instagram.

“While I continued to work in an environment that consistently interferes with my Imaan, my relationship with my religion was threatened,” she added.

Wasim, from the restive Indian-administered area of Kashmir, shot to fame in 2016 when she starred alongside Bollywood icon Aamir Khan in the hit movie “Dangal”.

She won a National Film Award for her role as an aspiring female wrestler, and the film went on to become India’s highest-grossing movie. It also enjoyed massive success in China.

Wasim followed that up with a Filmfare Critics Award for her outing in 2017’s “Secret Superstar”, in which she played a young, Muslim singer-songwriter who becomes a YouTube sensation.

source: france24

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