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Prophethood and the Prophet of Islam by Ibrahim Amini

This book discusses about general prophethood and particularly to the prophethood of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) and the description of his proclamation as well as a sketch of his character and life history.

This world has not come into being on its own; on the contrary, it has a wise and an intelligent creator, who has created the universe with knowledge, power, intention and from the aspect of wisdom and He never does anything that is aimless and vain.

Creation of man and the world also is not vain and aimless. Man has not come into this world to live for a brief period of time, so that he may eat, drink, fulfill his sensual desires and then die and get annihilated. On the contrary, the wise Almighty Allah had a lofty aim in the creation of man.

Man is created so that he may nurture his soul with faith, good deeds and fine morals and to prepare for the beautiful and everlasting life of the hereafter. Therefore man is not annihilated with death. Instead, he is transferred from this world to the abode of the hereafter.

In that world, he sees the total consequences of his deed; the good and the righteous persons would get good rewards for their deeds and along with perfect and illuminated selves live in the everlasting Paradise forever and enjoy the different bounties of their merciful Lord and the oppressive and evil persons would also receive complete punishment commensurate to their misdeeds.

Therefore, this world is the harvest field of the hereafter and a place for building the self and developing spirituality; therefore one must prepare the provisions for the hereafter in this world itself. At this point, the following questions arise:

1. Is man needful of a perfect program and agenda in order to scale the stages of spiritual perfection and everlasting success and happiness?

2. Is it possible for man to prepare this agenda on his own? Or he is in need of the guidance of the creator of the world?

The reply to the first question is clear and it does not require any explanation, because man lives in a society and he cannot life a life of peace and comfort without the existence of a perfect and comprehensive law. Therefore there a law is necessary to guarantee the rights of others, prevention of oppressions and to maintain peace and order. Ideal and spiritual life of man is also in need of a plan and agenda. A program and agenda is also a must for the development and training of self and to guarantee success in the hereafter. Therefore, there is no doubt that man is in need of a perfect and a comprehensive agenda of action in order to secure his success in world and hereafter.

As for the reply to the second question, it calls for additional explanation and therefore the discussion of prophethood is unavoidable and it is first of all necessary to discuss it in detail and only then can we move forward. We shall discuss the topic of prophethood from two aspects: General points related to the origin of prophethood, which is also called as ‘General Prophethood’ and the second aspect is that of messengership and points related especially to Messenger of Islam, which is also termed as ‘Special Prophethood’.

This book will discuss the above topics in two different parts; one part being exclusively with general prophethood and another related to the prophethood of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) and the description of his proclamation as well as a sketch of his character and life history. It is hoped that the study of this book would step towards understanding the character of the prophets; especially that of Prophet Muhammad (S).

Bibliographic Information

Title: Rediscovering Objects from Islamic Lands in Enlightenment Europe

Author(s): Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini

Translator(s): Sayyid Athar Husayn S.H. Rizvi

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications

Language: English

Length: 208 pages

ISBN:  978-9642191741

Pub. Date: May 2, 2011

Prophethood and the Prophet of Islam

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