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Political Participation in Democratic Political Orders+PDF

Political participation is seen as the backbone of a political state and an element ensuring the efficiency and reliability of a political system. Political participation varies according to every reading of political system, approach, contraction and expansion, as difference in the genre and scope of political participation in these systems is consistent with the principles and structure of that political order. This research investigates three genres of a democratic order used in Islamic nations” namely new caliphate, constitutional monarchy, and religious democracy. Consistent with the queries about the political participation capacities of a religious democratic system, the paper, based on a descriptive, analytical, comparative, and critical method, maintains that political participation in this political order profits from a wider scope and capacity, plus the reliance on religious principles; and it also can ensure a desirable supervision of agents as well as the efficiency of the political system, in addition to providing a pervasive political participation between the elites and the masses. It can also be introduced as a political order, which is an alternative to democracy in the modern world.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Political Participation in Democratic Political Orders; a Comparison Between the New Caliphate, Constitutional, and Religious Democratic System

Author: Sayyid Sajjad Ezhehi

Published in:  Journal of Islam’s Political Studies. Volume 1, Issue 1

 Language: English

Length: 26 pages

Political Participation in Democratic Political Orders

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