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PhD Candidate in Islamic History and Culture

The Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion invites applications for a PhD research fellowship in the field of Islamic history and culture, relating to the topic of Islamic text circulation and usage in the Swahili coastal region.

The position is part of the research project “MPrinT@East_AFRICA. Islamic Manuscript, Print and Practice: Textual adaptation in East Africa” financed by the Norwegian Research Council.

The candidate is expected to produce a PhD dissertation within the focus of the MPrinT project.

A proposal describing the PhD project must be submitted with the application.

The PhD candidate is expected to take part in the data collection in the field on the Swahili coast, alongside team members. The candidate is expected to be able to conduct data collection among men and women in the region.

The candidate is also expected to form part of the MPrinT team in theorizing the overall objectives of the project.

The PhD candidate must participate in an approved educational program for a PhD degree within a period of 3 years. It is a condition that the applicant satisfy the enrolment requirements for the PhD program at the University of Bergen.

Important Data

Application Deadline: June 6, 2021

Venue: University of Bergen (UiB), Norway

Duration: The duration of the PhD position is 3 years.

About The University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is a renowned educational and research institution, organised into seven faculties and approximately 54 institutes and academic centres. Campus is located in the centre of Bergen with university areas at Nygårdshøyden, Haukeland, Marineholmen, Møllendalsveien and Årstad.

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