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December, 2018

November, 2018

  • 28 November

    Early Muslims in America +PDF

    When Islam first came into the United States, it surely comprised various ethnicities and minorities. It would be naïve to imagine Islam entered a land and it expressed no ethnic and...

June, 2018

March, 2018

  • 2 March

    The History of Material Cultures and Visual Arts in the Islamic Lands

    The Ernst Herzfeld Society for Studies in Islamic Art and Archaeology and the University of Strasbourg invites to the 14th colloquium of the Society that will be held at the University, July 5–7, 2018...

  • 1 March

    Book: The Islamic Scholarly Tradition

    The book “The Islamic Scholarly Tradition: Studies in History, Law, and Thought in Honor of Professor Michael Allan Cook “contains highly original articles on Islamic history, law, and thought, each either proposing new hypotheses or readjusting existing ones...

February, 2018

February, 2017

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