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In this short book, there are topics like Child Wishes vs Father Wishes, Among the Mistakes of the Parents-Essential Differences-Determination and Strictness which we must know.

It might be possible that some will put all the blame on the parents alone, because of the fact that they have much experience in life and that they were expected to be forgiven and possess a wider heart and mind.

Based on these, we will not forgive children, upholding blames on them, when they go against the advice of their parents, especially if they know that they are not suppose to do what they did.

However, because the responsibilities of parents are great, we will look into the mistakes of parents, which if it is treated well, the gap between children and parents will be filled.

Some parents treat their children very harshly, the way they were treated by their parents as if they inherited this harshness. Here we are not going to discuss this matter and study the effect of our relationships for the fu- ture of the family’s relationship. Rather, we want to tell these parents, who are fond of dealing with such negative relationships that: Remem- ber the effect and your hatred of the harsh treatment your parents used on you? How can a father, who lived in such a harsh condition and treat- ment, feel good to see his son in such a situation?

Is it good for a father to always shout and beat his children for a minor mistake, and to be talking in a wild and horrible voice in the house as if he is a small executioner?

Bibliographic Information

Title: Parents and Children

compiler: AlBalagh Foundation

Publisher:  AlBalagh Foundation

 Language: English


ISBN:  9789644021787

Pub. Date: 2014/05/10

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