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Pakistani Shia-Sunni Scholars Stress on Islamic Unity

A number of Shia and Sunni Muslim scholars in a seminar in Quetta, Pakistan, stressed the important role of religious leaders and intellectuals in boosting Islamic unity.

Titled “Honor of Mustafa’s (PBUH) Religion”, the seminar was held on February 21 at Serena Hotel of Quetta.

The program was also attended by imams of mosques, representatives of the provincial assembly and the Senate of Pakistan, seminary and university lecturers, students and hundreds of representatives of various political and religious parties of the country.

The necessity of Islamic unity and the role of scholars in strengthening it, solving the problems in the Muslim world and defending human values were the main themes of the seminar.

Hafiz Hamdullah, representative of the Jamiat Ulama of Islam and member of the Senate of Pakistan, presented a speech in the program, in which he noted that discord among different Islamic schools is dangerous and should be solved by the scholars of the Ummah.

He also stressed that the enemies of Islam are afraid of the increasing spread of Islam in the West so they try to distort the true image of the religion.


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