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Justice in Imam Ali’s Political Thought

Analysing two concepts of people’s role and the duties of religious democratic government from Imam Ali’s perspective is the aim of this article.

Justice is an original fact in the Universe. It is not conventional. And, it refers to the consideration of proportion in doing anything. Imam Ali lived in harmony with the originally created justice in the universe. He observed the justice in the heavens and the earth and did his best to apply it to his own life and to the Islamic society, as well. He thought justice was the cause for the survival of states and the ultimate objective of establishing a state. The Imam believed that people, too , are responsible for the application of justice. According to the Imam, a ruler must be just implementing justice and fair to sympathize with the poor, to revival the divine religious precepts, and to plead for justice.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Justice in Imam Ali’s Political Thought

Author(s): Ayatollah Sayyid Nour al-Din Shariatmadar Jazaeeri

Published in: Political Science

 Language: English

Length: 7 page

Justice in Imam Ali’s Political Thought

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