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Islamic Unity is the Need of Muslim World

One of the important aspects that demands unity among Muslims are the threats and cautions that the Islamic world is facing today.

These threats and admonitions are of such a nature that Muslim Ummah seems to possess no power of resistance against it due to differences and divisions. However, if Muslims would unite with each other and would emerge as a united front and also in view of present economic and human strength, it would be too easy for Islamic countries to confront against the problems and threats that enemies of Islam have created.
Today the world of Islam and Islamic Ummah is facing great troubles and hardships. It is true that most of the troubles have come into existence by the own hands of the Muslims. Due to our egotism, worldliness along with our lethargic, sluggish and negligent approach, we have been instrumental in creating hurdles in the evolutionary development of Muslim Ummah. Now, it is too enough. We have to attempt as a fresh. We should repent for our previous mistakes. However, no doubt, various troubles of the contemporary history are the outcome of the past and present erroneous system.
This system is not based on human life; instead it encompasses the rule of jungle. You see what the influential people are doing due to pride of power. All these people forcibly on the logic of weaponry and political hegemony and also due to supremacy of wealth project wrong and irrational things as defendable and logical and accordingly act upon it. These people are openly and explicitly committing the misdeeds that are declared crimes in the eyes of nations of the world and as eyewash they commit it under various titles. Although they know it very well that nobody accepts it and sometimes they don’t even give it any name nor conceal it. The usurper regime of Zionists openly officially supports it. This is modern world order! You see what is happening in Iraq? The situation of Islamic Ummah is such … The crime of Muslim Ummah is only that it is located at a most fertile and rich place of the world because the system of the contemporary civilized world depends upon the sources that are abundantly found in this region of the world. Therefore, it has become a focal point of the gluttony of the superpowers. For this reason these people legalize every kind of their crime and invasion. This is the situation of Islamic Ummah.

Isn’t Islamic Ummah ready to resist against this aggression of the aggressors?
Yes, why not? We can defend. We have much more sources available for defending our sovereignty and rights. We are having sufficient human as well as commercial resource available. We are among prominent people. We are having such ethical resources available that will morally encourage us to show resistance against the arrogant powers. We possess he unique and unparalleled culture and civilization in the world. We are having sufficient resources at our disposal and therefore we can defend our rights with our full might. But why don’t we defend? Practically why don’t we perform in the field? It is because we are not united. We have been separated under various excuses. The great and solid army namely Muslim Ummah has been divided into groups, who always try to be engaged with each other, be fearful to each other and be busy in fighting each other. In such a situation, nothing is possible to be got done by this army.
Now the time has come that the world of Islam may review its position and may seriously think about the issue of unity. The threats and intimidation of USA in the region are not particular only to one or two countries; instead it is for all. Today the plot of the Zionist rulers under the patronage of America is not only to capture a particular region; instead it has laid ambush for grabbing the whole region. Today they openly and plainly say that the greater Middle East is the part of their plan.
About fifty years before when the usurper regime of Zionism came into existence and about one hundred years before when this thought came in the minds of Westerners and European circles, the intension and the objective was simply to capture and grab the region as they needed it. They are least bothered about the people of this region. The threat is looming for all. It is wise that all the people may think over it and may unite. Our earnest request to the Islamic governments and nations is that they should ponder over it and work for it, which needs hardworking and to this effect the accessibility to preliminaries are required too. However, the enemy too will not sit idle instead it would be in search of its old practice of creating division. The enemy would exploit the regional and linguistic possibilities and would try to take advantage of all those things, which have strictly been prohibited by Islam. Islam has insisted that region, country, race are no more standards for significance and identity.

اِنَّ اَکْرَمَکُمْ عِنْدَ اللّٰہِ اَتْقَاکُمْ

“Verily the most honoured among you in the sight of God is the most pious”. 49:13.
Islam has emphasized that all the Muslims should live and behave with each other like brothers. It has never said that if someone is Shia and someone is Sunni or someone is following a particular religion, he is to be treated in such and such way; instead it is has said that the believers are brethren. 49:10.

اِنَّماَ الْمُؤَمِنُوْنَ اِخْوَۃٌ

Whosoever believes in this holy book, Quran, this religion and Qiblah, he is a believer and all these believers are brethren to each other. Islam has taught all this to us. But we are hiding draggers behind us for stabbing it into the bosoms of our brothers. In every segment and organ there are mischievous persons. We have to stop them and resist against them. There is need of unity for the survival of Islamic Ummah and its prosperity and emancipation and for keeping the standard of Islam furled. Therefore for all such issues, what is the logic that can withstand in paving way for any disunity and division? The unity is having a priority over all preferences. Why don’t we understand the need for unity amongst Muslims? We are having heavy responsibility on our shoulders and the situation is very critical. Because, if enemy forcibly occupies this region, the world of Islam will go hundred years back like imperialistic period. It shall also lag hundred years behind the industrial and developed world.
We are answerable for all this. It becomes an obligation for us today. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of regimes, prominent personalities, experts, and the religious and cultural figures. We all are responsible for the unity of Islamic world. The thing which our great Imam (R.A) emphasized upon more, before the success of Islamic revolution and even up to the last days of his life, was the unity amongst Muslims and that the petty things need not to be presented as big issues under various pretexts. Today we are witnessing the fact that these admonitions and advices were too prudent and correct.

The Resistance against Oppression and Relying upon Its Own Power and Belief – the Only Option left for Muslim Ummah

If Muslims would focus over the activities of enemies of Islam, they will observe that they are concentrating on those aspects which are related to the life and survival of Islamic society and one of these aspects is the unity which is found among Muslims, for the annihilation of which the activities based on creating differences and division by the enemies of Islam continues to go on. Therefore, the Muslims need to remain vigilant and careful. Also they need to be ensured that the Muslims need to bring the unity into existence and the role for the fate of world of Islam is of great importance.
It is the day of unity for the Islamic world. Today you are observing that how much investment the enemy is making for getting even this feeble unity annihilated, so that under different excuses it can create division among different Islamic groups, tribes and nations. These people may kill each other; develop hatred against each other, so that the people shall remain negligent about the real enemies of Islamic world and about those who are designing plots for dominating this region of the world.
Palestine is not be left today on its own mercy. Nowadays lot of atrocities is being inflicted upon the nation of Palestine. The so-called supporters of human rights, the Europeans, have turned deaf, dumb and blind صُمٌ بُکْمٌ عُمْیٌ and the legitimate elected government of Palestine is being criticized and have taken an opposite stand against it. All this is because of disunity among Muslims and the egotism of politicians and responsible personalities of the world of Islam.
We have to awaken. We should understand that our resolutions would determine the historical fate of Islamic world. However, these resolutions simply don’t relate to us and for our age only. Today no alternative is left with Islamic Ummah except to believe on its own power and may not submit to repression and oppression and may determine that it may not yield before tyranny. We do not invite the Islamic nations to wage war against the countries of the world; instead we advise that Muslims should recognize their right, values, self-respect, dignity as well as the honour of their nations and their glorious past and heritage. They should give due respect to these things and believe in it and never allow that the world of transgression and infidelity, which is in the grip of Zionists today, may look upon these things. The holy Quran says:

عَزِیْزٌ عَلَیْہِ مَا عَنِتُّمْ

“Grievous to him is your falling into distress”. 9:128.
Your troubles and the grievances of the world of Islam cause distress and discomfort for the Prophet of Islam (S.A.W). حَرِیْصٌ عَلَیْکُمْ “Solicitous regarding your welfare” 9:128. He wants guidance for you and wants to see you prosperous. He wants the right way that has been opened to you and which is bliss for this world and the world hereafter; you get benefited and prosperous by it. The Prophet of Islam (S.A.W) wants all this from us.


The Islamic Ummah needs Unanimity, Sympathy and Mutual Cooperation
Today Islam is being confronted at a great level. Why don’t’ we understand? Why other people don’t observe this great confrontation? It is like the ‘War of Confederates’ (al-Ahzab). Different groups, who are against Islam and they have no business with morality and the truth, have opened united front against Islam. They are active in searching about weak aspects so that they can take an advantage of this and open the way for having an access and may invade us from this way of entry. However, Hajj can stop them from this action.
One thing is the issue of division among Islamic Ummah. They are working seriously upon it. They are highlighting the differences. They are strengthening the divergent tendencies on both Shia and Sunni fronts. On the Shia front under the Shia title they support Qarmatism – like Qaramita – and discern sedition and amongst Sunnis they support tendency of Nasibism in the name of Ahlul Sunnah and make both the sects to stand in opposite fronts. We have to be cautious and vigilant and be in a position to understand the things. These are the fundamental issues that need to be attended by the Islamic world. The world of Islam today needs unanimity, feeling of sympathy and cooperation. One should understand the issue of unity seriously. Well organized plots are being designed today by the think tanks and the centers of conspiracy in order to get the strife and conflicts raised in the world of Islam and also get the regimes on the one hand and the nations on the other involved in confrontation and conflictions. Whenever any voice is raised among Islamic governments and any attempt is made that make the Muslims to come close, all of a sudden it is observed that some foreign element or any Zionist or American agent comes forward and creates obstacles in the way of these relations. Also when the governments come close to each other, he creates hurdles there too. He repeats this action among the nations too. Normally, there exists no such issue between the nations; therefore he comes up with the religious, ethnic and regional issues, so that they would fight each other. These are the things if not paid attention we are defeated by the enemy. If we may not pay attention the Islam gets hampered. Today in the centers of global imperialism the enmity against Islam has become evident. Although verbally they are refusing but it is evident that they have enmity with Islam and oppose it. It doubles our responsibilities and obligations.

The only way of salvation for Muslims is Unity, Islamic Resistance and Pressurizing the Enemies
Since the influx of European imperialism in the Islamic countries, it has been their categorical strategy to create division among the Muslims. These people are sometimes inciting this policy by the tools of sectarianism and nationalism and unfortunately, despite the reformists and the pioneers of unity raised their voices; this tactics of the enemy has been successful to some extent in inflicting blows and losses over the structure of Islamic Ummah.
Although the process of exciting the differences between Shia and Sunni and encouraging of Arabian and non-Arabian, Asian and African, Turani and Persian nationalism was initiated by the foreigners but unfortunately this policy is presently being continued by the hands of so-called own people, who either due to ignorance or due to servitude to aligners are active in benefiting the enemies. This policy is in progress. Sometimes the range of this deviation gets widened to the extent that some Muslim regimes make investments in order to create differences among various Islamic sects and nations. Even some rental and so-called scholars condemn those Islamic sects as infidels, whose glorious past in Islamic history is too evident. It is obligatory on the part of Muslims to identify the wicked elements of such misdeeds, who in the background are sponsored by the great Satan and its wicked agents. They should expose such traitors. Those people who offer subjugation, alliance to some simple Muslims, none among them can resolve the problems of Muslims and neither paves way for their salvation. There is only one remedy for it that is unity of Muslims and also to remain obedient to the fundamentals and values of Islam and building extensive pressure upon the enemy and put them in trouble. Today the world of Islam has focused its eyes upon voluntary mobilization of the courageous youths of all Muslim countries that these people may fulfill their historical role while defending Islam.

Islamic Unity, in the Light of Speeches of  Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, Compiled by Sheikh Ali Khaliqpur


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