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Islamic Law and Environmental Ethics +PDF

This article, Islamic Law and Environmental Ethics: How Jurisprudence (al-fiqh) Mobilizes Practical Reform, has outlined, only very generally, how the jurisprudential tradition at once complicates the task of Islamic environmental ethics and intensifies its practical effectiveness.

Where some religious environmentalisms deploy traditional concepts according to the practical needs of cosmology, usul al-fiqh (jurisprudence) envisions an alternative practical strategy for Islamic environmental ethics. Jurisprudence governs religious adaptations according to guiding principles designed to conform practical reason to the ongoing discovery of divine will. This article shows how those principles can function as mechanisms for normative change, and reviews their diagnostic capacity for evaluating various uses of Islamic resources.

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Bibliographic Information

Title: Islamic Law and Environmental Ethics: How Jurisprudence (al-fiqh) Mobilizes Practical Reform

Author: Willis Jenkins

Published in: Worldviews: Global Religions, Culture, and Ecology,2015

 Language: English

Length: 62 pages

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