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Islamic Banking and Finance International Conference

Islamic Banking and Finance Conference “Between Islamic Legal Thinking and Modern Financial Rules”

9 July 2016, Venue: Oxford, UK, inquiries@oiibf.org.uk

The conference pursues the theme of culmination of theories that are meant to develop the qualitative and quantitave expansion of the Islamic finance as well as the realities faced by this sector in the financial markets.

Original contributions that are on but not limited to the following topics are as follows:

-Principles of Islamic Law & the Banking & Finance

-Maxims of Islamic Law & the Banking & Finance

-The Problems of Developing Theories

-The Issues between Legal Theoreticians and the Financial Institutions

-Evaluation of the Developed Theories and their Critique

-The Challenges Faced by the Islamic Financial Institutions through a Lack of Synchronization between the Shariah Compliance Committees and the Financial Administration

-Points of Success and Failure of Significant

Geographical Zones of Islamic Banking and


– East Asia

– Middle East

– Turkey

– Europe and the US

– North Africa

-The Services of the Islamic Banks between

Development of Theories and Realities of Experience

and also more general topics of:

– Sectors of Islamic Economy

– Islamic Theories of Economy

– Various Commercial Sectors and Islam

– Islamic Banking Theories

– Islamic Banking in Action; Case Studies

– Critical Analysis of Components of Islamic


– Islamic Financial Market Theories & Structures

– Islamic Financial Markets; Case Studies

– Critical Analysis of Components of Islamic

Financial Markets

– Analysis of the Growth of Islamic Banking and

Finance around the World

– Comparative Study of Islamic Financial Systems

v Non Islamic Financial Systems

– The Future of Islamic Financial systems

– State v Private Sector & Their Shares in Setting up

and Sustaining the Systems

– Arbitration Patterns

– Electronic Transactions in Islamic Banks and Markets

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