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Iqtisaduna [Our Economics] Vol. 02 Part II+PDF

This book comprises an attempt to discover Islamic Economic Doctrine in the light of the enactments of the laws of Islam and their implications, connected with the economic fields.

The English translation of Iqtisādunā was prepared by the Peermahomed Ebrahim Trust of Pakistan at our instigation. After completing the translation it was submitted to World Organization for Islamic Services, but at that time they did not have the means to be sure and satisfied with its authenticity. So it remained with them until the World Organization for Islamic Services found the person who could check and make up the defects in the translation. Then again just by the way, we were confronted with some defects, and fortunately, we found a person who was familiar with both the Arabic and English languages with qualifications in economic studies. He compared the translation with Arabic version and corrected, according to his own views, as much as he could. At this point, we reached the utmost stage of our abilities and facilities for correction of the translation, and so we deemed it right to publish it, by the help of Allāh; and thus it cannot be said that our efforts were reckless and it would have been better to delay the publication. After all these efforts we shall gladly accept any criticism or observation, and welcome any suggestion to improve our work. We hope to correct the defects and mistakes with which we may be confronted in future. Now, by the grace of Allāh, we are publishing the last part of the English translation of this book, and we ask Allāh, the Glorified, to bless this work and to generalize its benefit as He did for the original Arabic version. And may He accept our work sincerely for His Holy Self. He is the best Master and the best Helper.


Bibliographic Information

Title: Iqtisaduna [Our Economics] Vol. 02 Part II

Author: Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Sadr

Publisher: World Organization For Islamic Service

 Language: English

Length: 236

ISBN: 978-1502722942

Pub. Date:  2014/04/26

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