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Taiwan Halal App Made by Indonesian Students

Two Indonesian students have created Android-based application program to help in finding halal products and services in Taiwan.

The creation of Aris Kusumo Diantoro and Faisal Fahmi, both Indonesian students studying master programs at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) Taiwan, was launched in Taipei, on Sunday.

“The knowledge regarding halal issues is still low. Muslims who visit Taiwan would be wary of Taiwan’s food and environment,” said Aris to Antara in Jakarta.

He hoped the application named “Taiwan Halal” could answer the problem faced by Muslim workers, students or tourists who need halal products and services in Taiwan.

“As Muslims, we have to do our utmost to comply with the rule of halal or haram of a product or service,” said the student who is also active in the Special Branch Board of Nahdlatul Ulema (PCINU) of Taiwan.

Aris realized that Muslim workers, students and tourists in Taiwan are often having difficulties in getting products and services in accordance with Islamic principles.

“Through the application, Muslims in Taiwan would get lots of information on halal restaurants or diners, hotels which provide halal services, mosques and Muslim communities in Taiwan. We hope that the program which can be accessed through [both] cell phones and PCs could guide them,” he said.

Faisal, the programmer, has asked for feedbacks from the application users to improve the application in providing services and information on halal issues in Taiwan.

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