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Imam Hussain’s (as) Revolution: Rituals and Inspiration

This book is a compilation of articles and lectures that have been delivered or written on various occasions by Ayatollah Muhammad Jawad Fadil Lankarani.

There are many books that have been either translated or written about the life, biography and thoughts of Imam Hussain (as). One of the latest books, which was, incidentally, authored in English, is entitled: ‘The Martyr of Freedom’ penned by the editor of the present book. It deals with the historical events that led to the tragedy of Karbala/Iraq. It also elaborates on the spiritual status of Imam Hussain (as) being the heir of all the divine messengers and prophets (as).

The current book, however, focuses on the philosophy of Imam Hussain’s (as) revolution and the philosophy behind visiting his holy shrine as well as addressing him with the various prescribed salutation texts. It explains the authenticity of those salutation texts and their profound meaning. The whole book comprises six different articles, which originate from various lectures that the author delivered on various occasions in Qum/I.R.Iran. Those lectures were, subsequently, compiled and rephrased to be presented in a book that contains all six articles. Thus the articles were first rewritten -in article format- edited, proofread and completed to be presented and published in this style. The translator and editor played a significant role in producing the final rendition of the articles, although all the ideas originate from the author. The last three articles are authored by the editor and translator of this book. These three are the only articles that the editor has written for the publication of this book.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Imam Hussain’s (as) Revolution: Rituals and Inspiration

Author(s): Ayatollah Muhammad Jawad Fadil Lankarani

Translator: Dr. Ali H. Al-Hakim

Publisher: The Islamic Jurisprudence Center of A’imah Atthar – London

Length: 192 pages

ISBN: 978-600-388-036-8

Pub. Date: 2017


Imam Hussain’s (as) Revolution: Rituals and Inspiration

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