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Imam Hussain does not Need Crying, Commemoration: Imam Musa al-Sadr

Crying and setting up commemoration ceremonies is not enough. Hussein does not need them”; one of the strongest words of Imam Musa Sadr regarding Ashura. But what to do when crying is not enough?

Ijtihadnetwork: “When we commemorate the anniversary of Karbala’s incident, and we come together, and we repeat that incident in our ears, hearts and beings, we get connected, with those eternal championships. The championships which take the root of the oppressors out and remove the mask of the face of the rebellious and hypocrites. “Therefore, Ashura should be repeated in one’s ears, hearts and beings to be effective.

The sentence mentioned above (the sentence inside the parentheses) is the first one that Imam Musa Sadr expressed in 1974 during a speech on the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS). A review of the thoughts of a man who took the steps of Hussein (AS) and has practically tried to follow the same path a thousand years after his ancestors’ uprising;certainly, gives us some instructive points. Tips beyond the mental impulses of the honey-bees with no honey of the time!

We should review the speeches of Imam Musa Sadr and use it to express the facts of Ashura. To realize that it is possible to talk about Imam Hussein(A.S) in an intact way, awaken and revive people, and even make them cry without needing to lie in the form of poetry, praise, narration or any other form about the Holy Imam  Hussein (AS).

Ashura , an emotional affliction, a human tragedy, or a pattern worthy to follow?

In the first sentences of his speech, Imam Musa Sadr states: “This immortal incident, which is the torch of generations, is not for the time of Imam Hussein (AS). The dimensions of this incident are far beyond a human affliction and tragedy and is a desirable model of follow-up for all generations, and the event, with all its differences and fruits, teaches to all generations and opens the way to salvation toward them. Our nation and other nations have always needed these teachings and testimonies. “

After pointing out the logical reasons for the overview of the incident of Ashura and its being beyond time and space,  Imam Musa Sadr describes the historical context in which Ashura occurred and states: “Ashura was at a certain time, a time with a certain background Linked. When we look at this background, we find the intensity and grandeur of this tragic event and the dimensions of this battle.

A plan to denounce Islam and eliminate it was taking shape. Yazid who calls himself the Amir al-Mu’minān and sits on the pulpit of the Prophet and governs the people in the name of Islam. From within, fights Islam and finds out what has been achieved through sacrifices, great attempts, and calamities, a means of rule, not a message to human freedom. When Mu’awiye  puts Yazid -who history condemns for killing innocent people and assaulting them, and the people do not have any security or comfort from his area- on caliphate and makes him dominant over the people and force people to make allegiance to him. It gets clear  that the situation is getting really dangerous, and Yazid- who speaks of Islam and  regards Islam not as a revelation and prophet hood, but a means by which  Bani Hashim can rule- is the Muslim caliph.


How are the people in the time of Imam Hussein (AS)?

Imam Musa Sadr’s description of the situation of the people of Imam Hussein (AS) is also worth hearing: “And the people are silent, calm, fearful and greedy, they have neither power and nor any bounty. Free people are exiled, and people are silent in this atmosphere. Yazid also does whatever he wants, hurts people’s respect and undermines the values. In this situation and against the silence of the Ummah on the oppression, people are witnessing everyday  an oppression or a murder, and see  suffering, tragedy and aggression before their eyes. In such a situation with scared or slept consciences, a great sacrifice is needed to awaken sleeping consciences and stir up emotions. “

But the most important question is how are the people of our time? How are we? Are we different from the people of the time of Imam Hussein (AS)? better Or worse? “.

Cruelty wants confirmation, what is the responsibility?

“Imam Hussein (AS) has no choice; neither can he be silent nor accompany cruelty. Yazid wants to implement his plan, he wants to eliminate the rules of Islam one after another. As we know, Yazid treated the city of the Prophet (PBUH) in a way that ,in the aftermath of his brutal acts,  hundreds of Companions and followers of the prophet(PBUH) were murdered, and he also attempted to take the control of Mecca ,trying to show that he wants to catch Abdullah bin Zubir. And  he even decided to destroy Ka’bah. This is the man who wants to destroy the root of Islam and dictates his sentences and take back his complexes from the Prophet (PBUH) and his prophecy, how can Hussein (AS) deal with him? “

Unfortunately, in many of the lectures that we witness at Muharram, an important point is forgotten, which is a logical explanation of the Ashura event. If we ignore the reading of dreams and the self-interpretation of the voices of some lecturers, we are less likely to see the lectures , which familiarizes the audience with the reasons for the occurrence of Ashura, and while we all believe that Karbala is everywhere and everyday is Ashura, not knowing what led truly to a massive catastrophic disaster of the martyrdom of imam and his companions. This would cause that every day an oppressor wants confirmation and oppressed people upraise to take their right we find ourselves on the wrong side. while Imam Musa Sadr carefully and with precise reasons explains the occurrence of Ashura which will help the audience learn how to correctly select the front where it is.

 Imam Musa Sadr continued: “Hussein (AS) rebelled against the enemy but it was not due to being interested in rebellion, he fought and killed but not for being fond of killing and bloodshed, only to protect Islam. Hussein (AS) is one and few people are with him. Can he overcome Yazid based on reasons and natural calculations? No! So what now? Hussein (AS) tried to mobilize all his forces and facilities; he put ,all his being, language, thoughts, his people from the man and woman, and what he possessed in the balance sheet, and provided with them a great deal of power, so that the Umayyas and palaces and rulers and propagandists and their speakers, and whatever they possessed, get destroyed .In the basis of material computing there is no equality. Hussein (AS) with seventy people, his enemies are  thirty thousand and behind them tens of thousands of army and other military.

The propaganda devices that deceived the people of the Muslim world named hussein(A.S) a foreigner. Shoraih Ghazi writes in his own words: “He exceeded his limits, and then he was killed by the sword of his grandfather.”

Cities celebrated for the death of Hussein (AS). Everywhere there was a talk about the victory of the caliph and the danger that could have fused the united Muslim ranks and the differences that had arisen among the Muslims. This enticing space made by Yazid’s propaganda machines added more and more problems and calamities. Therefore, Hussein (AS) evaluated the existing conditions and found that with material calculations, with these abilities, he could not make himself and his goal win. It was here that from the Prophet’s (PBUH) words, he said: “Allah,! wants to see you killed” He also said from his words:” God wanted to see them(the family of imam hussein(A.S)) captive. “

Therefore, Hussein (AS) does not let anything down; his Being, soul, language, thought, and heart, he even adds a little baby, his grown up son, and all his companions and brothers. And he writes to the children of Abutaleb who are in Medina. ” My relatives! O my people! Do not think that if you abandoned me, you will be victorious, you will have a great deal, and you will have a life with greatness and dignity. But after my life you will have disgrace after disgrace and contempt after contempt.

And Imam Musa Sadr, talks about the intelligence of choosing the right time to leave Mecca by Imam Hussein (AS) “He knew that the wave of misguidance and misunderstandings had filled the Muslim world and that’s why Hussein was accused of anything. Therefore, he wanted to reveal the facts with his enlightenment and make clarifying rays on that trip, so that his journey could be approached in all stages of history. He waited for the day of  Tarviya on the eighth day of Dhi al-Haja when the treaty was completed and the Hajjies arrived in Mecca in various ways.

Thousands, but tens and hundreds of thousands of Hajji gathered in Mecca. When they saw that Hossein, with a minority of his companions and a large number of women and children, turned back from Mecca, they were astonished. They leave the Ka’bah, the destinationm of all the hajjies. on Tarviya Day, instead of completing the rites of the Hajj, they perform Umrah of Mufradah, leave the Ka’bah and leave Mecca. They were amazed and asked: O son of the Messenger of Allah, what is the reason for this?

He said: “I do not swear allegiance, but Yazid sent a crowd who under the clothes of the ihram had a sword, and they were going to pour my blood and I do not want the sanctity of shrine of the Lord get desecrated. I want to leave. “

Imam Musa Sadr is a lecturer who is aware of the words of Imam Hussein (AS).he gave a speech from Mecca to Karbala only about  the owner of Ashura and not anybody else , and this lecture pattern should be promoted among our speakers as well.

Imam Musa Sadr continued: “If it were not for Hussein, Yazid would not be known, because he covered his face with many ways and methods and could have destroyed Islam behind these masks by  giving an order after another, a judgment after another and a decision after the other one. But Hussein clarified all this and made Yazid and the Umayya a scandalous nation before the people. And he said to them: O Muslims, judge you. This is your ruler who is over you. Look at his face. How do you find him? Do you accept modesty and allegiance for him?

One person was not only an individual for Hussein, but a weapon. A child in front of him was not just a child, it was a means for burning masks and illuminating the facts..

The forces of enemies saw that Hossein’s night was prayer, worshiping, and praise to God, and the night of enemies, wine and indignation and vice and conspiracy. They found that Hossein’s war was a noble and holy war, which is not dependent on anyone. Till the time that, in the morning of Ashura, Hossein made a will for his companions  just like that of Amir-al-momenin for his army before any war and before him the messenger of Allah, the Teacher, the Prophet, and their servants.” Before they start the war against you, you do not start it “. Even on the day of Ashura, when Hossein was besieged and it was clear that there is no way of escaping from death, he did not start the war again and did not command the war. Therefore, the people, the audience and spectators, and, consequently, all of the Islamic Ummah found that the war of Hussein was a noble war and Yazid war was a cruel war. It does not leave, it does not abandon, kills small and large, closes the water, takes women into captives, burns the tents, and then orders to crush the bodies.  He expects the sands of the desert, cover up the body of Hussein and his household, and do not leave any trace of them.

This incident, in the form in which Hussein took it, revealed the truth and showed the reality and put the truth just in front of the Ummah, and this was the Umma who judged through this image. The Ummat finds that silence is not permissible and tolerance is lowliness, and one who is silent about the right and says nothing is a dumb devil. The Umma understood all of them and started the movement. Revolution after revolution, movement after movement and protest after protest. In the front, the movement started by women and men. In every city where the captives had been passed , when people asked them about reality, Zeinab illuminated the truth, people yelled at and blamed themselves. And they rebelled against the enemies. “

And at the end, Imam Musa Sadr  talks about the events of his time, and from the lesson that we should take from Ashura for the present time, and according to what Imam Hussein (AS) has taught us, and this is something that, unfortunately, many of our speakers at the ceremony of Muharram can’t do. They either are not able to criticize or analyze the events or they match the contemporary events with those of Ashura badly and unnecessarily, in such a way that they are not able to accompany the audience with their own words.

Imam Musa Sadr said after the events that occurred in Lebanon to the Shiites: “We hope that this Ashura of us and these days  be the living Hosseini days. He  wanted this and ordered it. Crying and setting up the commemoration ceremonies  is not enough. Hossein does not need these. Hossein was martyred on the path of reformation. “I have intended to improve the Ummah of my grandfather,” he said. “So if we have made all the endeavors to improve the Ummah of Rasoul-Allah we have helped him, but If we have been silent or prevented reforming, we have given  help to Yazid and left Hussein(A.S) behind.” O brothers! Choose your ranks. Yazid queue or Hussein queue. I swear to God that you wouldn’t choose but the side of Hussein. And you would accept the voice of Hussein saying that t” Is there not a helper that can help us  for God’s grace? Is there no a defender to protect the family of the Prophet?

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