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“I Don’t Count the Shias as the Kafir Anymore”: Wahhabi Mufti

The former leader of the congregational prayer of the Great Mosque of Mecca who is one of the famous Wahhābī muftis declared explicitly that he had changed his view in which he had considered the Shias as unbelievers.

After 10 years from his previous decree (fatwa) according to which he had considered the Shias as unbelievers, ʻĀdil ibn Sālim al-Kalbānī, the former leader of the congregational prayer of The Great Mosque of Mecca who is one of the famous Wahhabi muftis, declared in a TV program that he no longer considers the Shias as unbelievers.

In a talk with the MBC Channel of Saudi Arabia, he said, “I no longer count as an unbeliever anyone who says ‘there is no god except Allāh’. Anyone who says ‘there is no god except Allāh’, eats our sacrificial animals meat, and recites the prayer towards our qiblah is a Muslim.”

“I swear by Allah that nobody has forced me to hold this view”, emphasized this Wahhābī scholar.

He said that he changed his viewpoint because of a book titled Takfīr Ahl al-Shahādatayn by Shaykh Sharīf Ḥātam al-ʻAwnī (another famous Wahhābī mufti) in which there are many traditions including ʻAbd al-Wahhāb’s statements, that indicate Muslims must not be called unbelievers.

During an interview with BBC Channel in May 2009, Al-Kalbānī had called the Shia scholars unbelievers and said that they had no right to have a representative in the Council of Senior Scholars. These statements had met with fierce criticisms at the time.

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  1. What about those who curse abgel gabriel and the sahaba

  2. Muhammad Shafiq Gamiet

    Salaams. So what proofs were used in the first place to come to the wrong decision that Shias are not Muslims? More Muslims should come to this realization. Inshallah.

  3. @Mobin .. and what about this:
    The *Sunna of Cursing Imam Ali (as) From The Pulpits*- Sheikh Zakariyya refuting Uthmaan al-Khamees

    mal’oon *Muawiya’s Wali cursing Imam Ali a.s* [english subtitle]

    • I honestly have several logical reasons to say great number of Sunnis are Kafirs:

      1. All those who attacked and burned Kaaba in Yazid ibn Muawiya are pure Kafirs

      2. All those Sunnis in Yazid army in Karbala are pure Kafirs and Najis

      3. All. ISIS barbaric people killing other Muslims are kafirs

      All Zalimeen, ( Shia or Sunnis) are cursed by Allah in Quran, therefore they are Kafirs

  4. May Allah the almighty bring All the Muslim Umma more and more closer, until non Muslims see the true ficture of Islam (I.e Justice and humanity)

    May He curse those who are bringing disunity in Islam.

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