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Humiliation of Takfiri Mufti in Live TV Broadcast

You are watching a part of the confessions of the Wahhabi Mufti living in Saudi Arabia in a satellite program, when a telephone caller humiliated him.

Attendance of Adnan al-Aroor, the Wahhabi Mufti living in Saudi Arabia, in Wisalsatellite TV and his confessions about ISIS humiliated him in the live TV show. At the beginning of the show, he reproached ISIS crimes and said that many times, great scholars advised the Takfiri group, but it did not work.

But as soon asthe Wahhabi Mufti finished lying, there was a telephone call from an audience, who sent an archived video clip and addressed the Mufti, saying, “some years ago, you were promoting ISIS in different channels!”

After playing the video clip, the Wahhabi Mufti was unnerved and asked the presenter to stop playing the clip. Below, you can see a part of this talk show and the moment when the Takfiri Mufti was humiliated.


Mufti: I have no doubt that ISIS is created to damage Muslims; and I advised many great scholars, but it didn’t work. They entered the mosques and killed Sunnis. At that time, we disseminated many shocking documents. They entered the mosques and shot everyone, shouting “Kafir! Kafir!”!

The caller: Some years ago, you promoted ISIS in TV channels and called them your brothers;while they were beheading Sunnis and Shi’a!

The Presenter: Oh Abu Amir!

The Presenter: Abu ‘Amir says that you praised ISIS fighters in the past.

Mufti: I will be kind with you and I tell you, it’s a lie!May the curse of God be upon the one who established ISIS and supported them financially and through media; and that’s a lie. When would I praise ISIS? You tell!

The caller: when?! Now, I tell you!

Mufti: I believe that 99 percent of our brothers in ISIS or more than 9 out of 10 …

The presenter: Sheikh says, that’s enough!

Mufti: Understood, Understood!

The archived video clip referred to by the audience of Wesal TV:

99 percent of ISIS are believers, sincere, Muslim and truthful; no matter whether they are from inside Syria or from outside, they have come to defend Sharia.

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  1. Excellent story. I would have liked to here Mufti defend himself from that blow. It is not hard to see where the roots of Islamic extremism lies.

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