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He never Talked to me without Respect: Beheshti’s Wife

“What I saw through our 29 years of marriage life was his gentleness and patience. I do not remember that even a moment he became nervous without reason or even once he had talked to me without respect.” This is Martyr Beheshti’s wife’s quotation about his behavior in family. “Our comfort was important to him and he was saying that I do not will to leave my family’s comfort and convenience for the sake of my social position and words of people. If somebody expects me to go and sacrifice, I will waive my right. Although he believed that he should not deviate from the life of a clergyman, he prescribed it only for himself and I was completely free to act in my opinion.Every month, he gave me a percentage of his salary and said, “Darling, this is other than the expenses of the house and it belongs onlyto you, spend it in any way you like.” He insisted that I study and he was spending time with me for it. Later he told our son to teach me driving.When I stayed too much at home, he said, “darling, get up and use the opportunities. Staying too much at home makes you feel depressed.” He told me you are my supporter; whatever I wanted to do if you were not beside me and help me, I could not succeed. We were going together everywhere; even he did not travel alone. He always said that you are not just my wife, but you are my incentive.”

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