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Halal Gourmet Japan- An Application Which Can Detect Halal Products!

This is a smart phone app of “Halal Gourmet Japan,” which proudly provides with the most information on restaurants for Muslim people in Japan.

During your visit to Japan, have you ever encountered any difficulties in finding Muslim friendly foods or vegetarians near your accommodation? Now, every of your worries will be taken care of.

With the newly invented Halal Gourmet Japan application’s breakthrough feature, you are able to find Muslim friendly foods or vegetarians.

By using this application, you are able to check the guideline of each product.

How to use the application

  1. On Halal Gourmet Japan application’s top page, click the ‘Find My Food’ icon on the top right
  2. Snap a picture of the foods on the rack (you don’t have to snap each product)
  3. Pink frame, white frame and blue frame will appear on the screen
  4. When you tap on the screen that shows Pink frame, you are able to check the ingredient used

Pink frame means Muslim Friendly product
Blue frame means Muslim Friendly & Vegetarian
White frame means product that hasn’t registered in the system / non-Muslim friendly products
※ It is not advisable to consume the product showed in white frame.

This application still available in beta version and still have limited place and product that can be detected through this application.

Download The Application: iTunes , PlayStore

To know more about this application click here.

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