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First International Halal Conference 2016

First Australia International Halal Conference 2016 held on Saturday, 9 April at Novotel Hotel, Darling Harbour, Sydney

An international conference which provides a platform for the interaction between Islamic scholars, mufti, imams and sheikhs religious leaders from other faiths, halal industry players, halal business proprietors and retail owners.

International Halal Conference (IHC) is a part of the annual Halal Expo Australia (HEA) which is composed of:

An international conference which provides a platform for the interaction between:

  • Renowned scholars,
  • philosophers,
  • Academic experts,
  • Political leaders,
  • Orators and thinkers,
  • Halal industry experts and higher officials,
  • Government officials and
  • Researchers and educationists.

These highly valuable participants interact with each other in pre-planned and spontaneous meetings and discourses, in debates and sharing of knowledge on critical issues where important issues are discussed threadbare; they also take decisions and pass resolutions in connection with the furtherance of their goals of assisting Halal industry players, manufacturers and retailers of Halal products.

They discuss steps to enhance and strengthen the network of the Halal industries and products / services in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region while planning to widen the Halal network to other countries and regions.

  • A fair is held to enable Halal trade and industry to display their wares and services and
  • A large festival is also organised simultaneously to permit the whole family to enjoy the gathering through fun, food and entertainment.

Halal food items and products are a fast growing need in Australia with the continuous and rapid growth of the Australian Islamic Community. The aim of the IHC alongside with Halal Expo (Fair & Festival) is to generate awareness about the significance of Halal products and services within the growing population of Australian Islamic Community.

Apart from imparting specific knowledge of the laws and their interpretation, they, at the same time, provide experience and awareness to those who are not well versed or clear about the importance of Halal products & services in the multicultural Australia and in the Australian economy as well.

IHC 2016 provides a unique opportunity to the local and overseas Halal industry players, Halal certification bodies, Islamic leaders, interfaith dialogue pleaders, and the representatives of the Government departments to meet, speak and seek consensual resolutions on critical issues related to Halal industry in ethical, professional and harmonious relations.


  1. The Halal way of life;
  2. The science behind the Halal slaughter practice;
  3. The importance of the role of Islamic scholars for the Halal industry;
  4. Halal Certification Global Standard & Guidelines
  5. Halal Finance, Banking & Investment
  6. The practice of Halal and Islamophobia;
  7. Islamic tourism and Muslim Ummah;
  8. Australian Government and the Halal Industry; and

The important role of the Halal industry in the Australian economy.

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