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Enrollment for Part-time Hawza Studies at al-Mahdi Institute Is now OPEN

Al-Mahdi Institute is now enrolling for Part-time Islamic studies starting from Monday 26th February 2018. Modules available include “Islamic Mysticism” & “Hadith & Rijal Studies”, which are available to study both in-house at the Institute or via distance learning anywhere in the world. Tuition fee waivers are also available.

Both Full-time and Part-time students have the option to study either in-house at the Institute, virtually online or virtually offline at any time and location worldwide. Please ensure you fulfill the entry requirements and are able to read basic Arabic for successful entry on your desired programme of study. Students who wish to enrol on other modules may contact  rukhsana.bhanji@almahdi.edu for further information.

Entry-level modules available for enrollment are:

To apply, please complete the application form HERE. For any further queries, please email rukhsana.bhanji@almahdi.edu.

The deadline for all Part-time Applications is Friday 16th February 2018.

The Al-Mahdi Institute was established in 1993 with the objective of contributing to Muslim religious scholarship and learning, with particular emphasis on the Twelver Imāmī (Ithnāʿasharī) tradition, through engagement with both historical and contemporary discourses.

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