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Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures: 2010-2020

A unique collaboration of nearly 300 scholars worldwide, the Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures 2010-2020 is an interdisciplinary, trans-historical, and global project.

The 9 volumes represent cutting-edge research on gender studies and the Islamic world. The EWIC 2010-2020 consist of all new entries on ground-breaking contemporary research topics, such as social media, security regimes, cinema, diaspora studies, Hip-Hop & Rap, Queer movements, Islamophobia and masculinity. The Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures 2010-2020 is an essential reference work for gender studies, Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, as well as religion, history, politics, anthropology, geography and related disciplines.

Volume 1: Family, Law, Religion, Theory – published 2020
Volume 2: Body, Sexuality, Health – published 2020
Volume 3: Economics, Migration, Refugees – published 2020
Volume 4: Colonialism, Education, Governance – published 2020
Volume 5: Political and Social Movements – published 2021
Volume 6: Arts and Artists – published 2021
Volume 7: Knowledge Production and Representation – published 2021
Volume 8: Literary Studies, Media, Communications – planned publication year 2021
Volume 9: Index – planned publication year 2021

About the Editor(s)

Suad Joseph (General Editor), University of California, Davis
Sarah Gualtieri, University of Southern California
Elora Shehabuddin, Rice University
Zeina Zaatari, Independent Researcher

Bibliographic Information

Title: Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures: 2010-2020

ٍEditor(s): Suad Joseph, Sarah Gualtieri, Elora Shehabuddin and Zeina Zaatari

Publisher: Brill

Language: English

Length: 784 pages

ISBN: 978-9004421141

Pub. Date: August 27, 2020

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