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Education Jurisprudence (Al-Fiqh Al-Tarbawi): Essential and Presuppositions

The first volume of “educational jurisprudence” contains materials derived from the lecture series held by the authors, Alireza A‘rafi, since 1998 onwards.

Education has been a matter of importance in the life of mankind since old times, and the collection of the experiences of trainers as well as the intellectual efforts of philosophers and thinkers have further enriched the experiences of man. Compilation and advancement of specialized sciences in the realm of education as well as the formation of various disciplines in educational science accelerated the process of studying and making educational studies scientific.

The first volume of “educational jurisprudence” contains materials derived from the lecture series held by the authors, Arireza A‘rafi, since 1998 onwards. The authors begins with the definition and subject of educational jurisprudence and proceeds to discuss a wide array of topics ranging from behavior, intellect, puberty, justifiable opinion, jurisprudences and new areas to predicate of fiqh, concept and kinds of guidance, relation between education and tabligh, adab and tadib, educational disciplines, ethics and education, mysticism and its relation with other disciplines, educational jurisprudence, subjects touched upon in a number of educational books like munyat al-murid, and fiqh and ethics.

The work presented here to scholars and the learned in the field of fiqh and education is the result of classes taught on “educational fiqh” which began in 1998. In preparing the present work, a prominent role was played by both those who attended the classes- by their knowledgeable participation and criticism – and the people in charge of compiling this work.

It would be worthwhile the begin with a brief overview of the general transformations, developments, and periods of Islamic seminaries. From a general standpoint, one may divide these transformations into these periods:

Period of the first expansion: Islamic seminaries used to cover a vast range of fields studying a diverse collection of specific Islamic and human sciences, and seminary education covered an extensive things of Islamic and human fields of knowledge. Of course, those scientific centers and schools varied in terms of their views. Their governing atmosphere, and their cultural and educational components, just different periods and countries witnessed differences between Shiite seminaries and Sunnite schools. For instance, certain schools and periods focused more on philosophy and intellectual sciences, some others on mathematics and natural sciences, and still others on fiqh, hadith, and scriptural-traditional sciences. In any case, however, all such sciences were being studied in Islamic seminaries in general.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Education Jurisprudence (Al-Fiqh Al-Tarbawi): Essential and Presuppositions

Author: Arireza A‘rafi

Translator: Mostafa Hodaee

Publisher: Al-Mustafa International Publication and translation Center

 Language: English

Length: 512 pages

ISBN: 978-600-429-123-1

Pub. Date: 2017

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